5 Things You Need to Include in Your Tackle Box

5 Things You Need to Include in Your Tackle Box

5 Things You Need to Include in Your Tackle Box 300x197 5 Things You Need to Include in Your Tackle BoxWith spring and summer just around the corner, it’s just about that time to get the boat tuned up, the fishing poles lined, and the tackle boxes filled. No fisherman is complete without his trusted tackle box filled to the brim with every fishing lure, sinker, bobber, and line imaginable. That is why it essential to make sure you have the basics before hitting the local lakes and rivers. Here are five things every angler should always have a surplus of:

1.) Line

You cannot fish if you do not have line; unless you are great with your bare hands. Catching snags in the water or battling a fish too large for the line are commonalities when fishing and often result in broken or tangled line. It is always nice to have a few hundred extra yards of line in the tackle box. Better yet, try to include a variety of lines that differ in thickness, material, and clarity. You never know when you’ll a hook a monster that will snap the line in half.

2.) Bobbers

Bobbers come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes and are used to help anglers visualize the presence of fish. A dancing or sinking bobber means that your bait has lured in a potential taker! Bobbers, however, can easily be lost when lines break or get tangled up. Fortunately, bobbers are inexpensive and you can stuff your tackle box full without breaking the bank.

3.) Hooks

Hooks are one of the most misused tools on the fishing pole. If the hook is too big for the fish you are looking to catch, then the mouth will never be able to latch on to the bait. On the contrary, if a hook is too small, you risk the fish swallowing the entire hook, wreaking havoc on the fish and usually killing it rather quickly. Having a wide variety of hook sizes and angles will allow you to specify for the fish you are looking to hook.

4.) Sinkers

Sinkers are imperative for making your bait drop through the water. Though some fish feed at the top of the water and will spot your bait, many fish also congregate in deeper depths of the waters being fished. If the bait cannot get to the appropriate depth, then you will surely end up with an empty net. Be sure to have a plethora of different sinker weights.

5.) All-Purpose Knife

No, the knife is not to filet your catch on the spot. Having an all-purpose knife comes in handy for cutting line, removing hooks, or other issues that may arise that require the assistance of a knife. Gerber knives are some of the best knives and should accompany every angler’s tackle box, beginner or professional. You can find some of these great knives at



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