How Soon Should You Expect to Notice Results with a Personal Trainer? Your Top Questions Answered

How Soon Should You Expect to Notice Results with a Personal Trainer? Your Top Questions Answered

When people acquire the services of a personal trainer, they expect to see results. These results are often tangible and can easily be measured – such as weight loss, a stronger and more toned body, and better athletic performance, for example. But these results can take a while to show, especially if you have long-term health and physical fitness goals in mind. The good thing is that your personal trainer will be with you every step of the way, ensuring that you stick to your routine (and a proper one at that) and encouraging you through the whole process so you can stay motivated and achieve your objectives in the quickest possible way. But of course, we’re only human as well, and the faster we can see results, the better for our morale. So how soon can you expect to notice results with a personal trainer? Here, your top questions are answered.


When you train for mass and strength


With a personal trainer, you can expect customised planning and programming which depends on your goals as an individual for the building of strength and size. In order to achieve your goals, you would need to have a continuous plan consisting of weight, volume of reps and sets, and intensity. If you are a beginner to this, you may start to notice results more quickly as your body responds faster to the stimuli. In fact, you may notice muscles getting more defined, and you can even feel tauter in just your first month alone. If you aren’t a beginner, the results may take longer to show as your body is already used to this kind of training, so your personal trainer may also suggest certain supplements or foods so you can speed up the process and see faster results.

When you train for fat or weight loss


The loss of fat will be based on the calories you burn, the muscle you gain, and your overall diet. The personal trainer you choose should address these factors for the most satisfactory results. And regardless if you have your personal trainer three to four times a week or just once every week, they should customise a plan which can combine strength training as well as cardio that can burn the fat and enhance your metabolism. If you are a beginner, the results are more rapid, especially if you stick to a diet that’s controlled and work hard on your strength training and cardio. In essence, you can see results in as little as one week – expect to see fat loss of as much as three pounds every week. It will, however, taper off once you become more fit, but on average, you can expect to drop around one to two pounds every week. Your personal trainer may also recommend certain foods which can aid in fat loss.


What you should remember


You should remember, however, that there are some intangibles when it comes to goal timelines. The higher the intensity of your training, the faster you can see results. But your overall results will also depend on the effectiveness and knowledge of your personal trainer. They should adjust your load and intensity so your body becomes more challenged, and they should motivate you so you can work as hard as possible and remain consistent with your diet and goals.


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