Ten Easy Steps to Build Trust with your Landing Pages

Ten Easy Steps to Build Trust with your Landing Pages

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Looking for ways to increase the effectiveness of your online marketing campaign? Then get started by improving your landing pages. From headlines to in-the-box texts, a landing page is the base to promote your online business USP (Unique Selling Proposition). Given here are ten straightforward ways that will help you to build trust with your landing pages.

  • Make sure that you have similar content on your Ad copy and Landing pages

Having different information on your landing page can confuse the visitors. Make sure that the offer you are promoting on your landing page is the same that you have mentioned in your ad copy.

  • Insert Attractive Mind Captivating Headlines:

The best way to retain user attention is to add striking headlines that are precise and to the point. Do not digress from the data topic and this will make the online customer run off to other proper web pages. A good headline increases user traffic and keeps a hold on reader’s interest throughout the page.

  • Build Eye-catching and Tidy Landing Page:

Divide the content aesthetically and maintain correct short sentence structures. Less complicated language usage invites users from all backgrounds. Bullet points, sub-headings, and less links are the attributes of a good web page. Do away with typos.

  • Believe in the Magic of Numbers:

What better way to draw more users than by displaying the visitor numbers. Just add this info with numerical figures of social networking comments (twitter, facebook). The more the numbers, the better is the user traffic to be gained.

  • Showcase Endorsements and Connect with the Name:

Exhibiting clientele approval statements establishes the credentials of the landing page on the minds of the user. Introduce popular and famous names associated with the website and witness increasing traffic flow.

  • Display Online Company Logos Providing Secure Online Transaction:

With hackers galore, clients are skeptical about online money transfers. Connect with secure names like Better Business Bureau (BBB) and VeriSign, and add its attachment to the bottom of the page. It provides a sense of security amidst online business dealings.

  • Flaunt Press Ratings and Views:

As with movie ratings, a good website has its own share of ranking in the media. Display in brief the good press clippings or other media reviews to ascertain the trust factor. Enhance web image on landing page with the aid of publicity.

  • Develop on Design:

Do not clutter the web page with long-running information and crowded images. Split and mention in short the information of the website. Introduce apt images that will appease the users and not form any doubt on the credibility of the information.

  • Stern Terms and Conditions Contents do not Click:

Do not scare away potential clients with fixating comments regarding agreement statements. Declare the terms in less-aggressive and no jargon-filled terminologies. Just explain in brief on the landing page and link it with a more elaborate document.

  • Testify Website Capability with Testimonials:

A landing page without testimonials is like a tree without roots. Scatter the testimonials at various points on the web page or align it to the side bar. Testimonials are crucial to invite users place complete trust in the website services.


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