5 Good Reasons to Start Inline Skating

There are few affordable activities that are fun, healthy and suitable for all ages. Inline skating is one of them. It’s a sport of paradoxes: a recreational activity that can be taken seriously; an outdoor activity than can come indoors; a sport that can create excitement and relieve tension at the same time. If it sounds good so far, here are five great reasons to start skating today.

  1. Inline Skating is Social

The best way to bond is on wheels. As soon as you slip on your skate, you and every other skater are on equal footing. You’re all in the same boat, regardless of skill level, and you’ll find that there are a ton of opportunities for conversation, laughter, sharing and empathy. Groups, clubs, couples and friends will find that there’s nothing better than a shared activity to give them some common ground to chat about. Inline skating is also a wonderful way to build some new friendships – who better to befriend you than the person who’s spent the majority of their evening keeping you upright?

All over the world, there are opportunities to use inline skating as a fun activity with friends or an exciting dating experience. The London skates are big social skates. If you’re travelling to France, check out the weekly Pari roller. Started in 1994, it’s the biggest weekly social skating event in the world.

  1. It Provides Cross Training

The modern version of inline skates were developed as an off-ice training tool for hockey players. They are now used by athletes from a diverse range of disciplines, including speed skating, figure skating, downhill skiing, cycling and running as a fitness and training tool. If you’re a sportsman or woman, you too could benefit from cross training on inline skates. The activity is brilliant for staying fit, healthy and injury free, as it provides comparable aerobic benefits to running and jogging, but puts less stress on joints.

  1. It’s Great for Adrenaline Junkies

Thrill seekers like high speed, thrills and the danger of spills, all of which wind skating, aggressive, downhill and off-road inline skating can provide. If you want a thrill seeking activity to add to your resume, first focus on building up a solid foundation of basic skills. Once you’re a reasonably proficient skater, choose whether to try out some more traditional roller sports or indulge in something with a little more speed and danger.

  1. Inline Skating Can Be Competitive

For those who live for the thrill of competition, inline skating has something for you. Hockey, speed, figure, freestyle and aggressive inline skating are the perfect sports for anyone with a competitive streak who’s unafraid of fighting to be the very best. For those who like to be pioneers, inline basketball and soccer are becoming increasingly popular amongst skaters who dare to be different.

  1. Inline Skating is Flexible

The beauty of inline skating is that although it can be competitive, it doesn’t have to be. For those who prefer a life in the slow lane, use skating as a social or fitness activity. Inline skating can be whatever you want it to be, can take place wherever you want it to and can be done when you’ve got the time for it. Morning, noon or night, there’s a time for you to skate.

With the right instruction, inline skating’s basic techniques can be picked up pretty quickly by absolutely anyone. It’s a great, inclusive hobby for all ages, genders and shapes. Although the sport has no size restrictions, those who keep it up are likely to find their waistlines shrinking rather rapidly. If it sounds like the sport for you, check out a retailer such as Skate Hut and get involved today.



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