5 Great Soccer Video Games You Have to Play

Whether you call it soccer or futbol, if you’re a fan of the world’s most popular sport, you know that it didn’t get so big by being boring. And although half the fun of attending games centers on seeing what kinds of crazy antics the crowd will get up to, there’s no doubt that the stamina and skill exhibited by players is enough to keep fans riveted. Then, of course, there is the rabid devotion that fans tend to exhibit when it comes to their local club. And all of this comes together to create something of a frenzy where the sport of soccer is concerned. But you don’t have to spend beaucoup bucks on tickets and attend games in order to enjoy the sport – you don’t even have to wait for the season to start. Thanks to a slew of video games devoted to this magnificent sport, you can get in on the action at any time of day or night and play a role in helping your team win games, tournaments, and even the World Cup. Whether you’re on the field or managing your favorite players, the virtual world of sports games can keep you steeped in soccer year round. Here are a few great games that major fans of this sport will definitely want to try out.

  1. Football Manager 2014. If you’ve spent hours playing at the field level, you might be interested in another take on virtual soccer, and Football Manger can make you the master painter, so to speak, executing the brush strokes that bring a team together and create a winning season. The game has been around for several years at this point, so if you’re already familiar with the franchise, the 2014 version will lend you upgrades that make for easier, one-click functionality. Suggestions received from coaching staff via your inbox can now receive instant attention with a single command. You’ll also participate in a lot more meetings, unless you prefer to play in classic mode. And if you enjoy wading through stats to maximize performance, you’ll get just what you’re looking for. As a bonus, upgrades to the 3D match engine make watching the animations a lot more bearable.
  2. Nintendo World Cup. If you like classic games, it doesn’t get much more basic than this old-school game for the NES system. Unfortunately, it has been discontinued, so unless you can pick it up on the cheap at a yard sale, you may have to shell out some major money to buy a used copy on eBay. The game is obviously limited by today’s standards, but if you don’t mind 8-bit slide tackles, 6-on-6 gameplay, and a world cup tournament that includes only 13 countries, this simple slice of fun could help you to while away a few carefree hours.
  3. Mario Strikers Charged. Nintendo delivered a doozy of a game for the Wii with this spin-off on the soccer genre that includes a dozen team captains from the Nintendo universe to choose from, each of them featuring their own set of super skills and Mega Strikes. Multiplayer and online modes extend the gameplay and allow for participation in tournaments. But the game is more amusing than authentic.
  4. World Soccer Winning Eleven 2014. This game for PS platforms may sport a ridiculous title, which is perhaps why most people refer to it as WE2014 instead. But naming snafus aside, players will no doubt enjoy the revamped gameplay, most notably the Trueball Tech that sets the ball apart from players, allowing it to move independently like a real ball would. And the MASS (Motion Animation Stability System) effect for player interactions makes for a truly realistic gameplay experience.
  5. FIFA 14. Legendary players. Photorealistic graphics. Overhauled ball physics. Leave to EA Sports to deliver one of the top soccer video games on the market year after year, with 2014 being no exception. For those who love the sport of soccer and are looking for realistic gameplay, there’s really no alternative. And with FIFA ultimate team coins you can build your dream club and go on a tear.

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