7 Tips on How to Increase Football Skills

Regardless if you’re a pro or amateur athlete, chances are that you’re always on the lookout for new methods of becoming a better player. The truth is that it takes a lot of hard work and dedication to stay above the abilities of your opponents and you’re going to have to put in a lot of time and effort in order to get ahead of them. I’m not going to say it’s easy, but I will show you a few ways that will give you the extra punch that will allow you to have the upper hand.


In football, being fast is just as important as being able to catch or throw the ball. You’re going to need to outrun your opponents and make yourself a hard target to tackle. A commonly overlooked piece of equipment for increasing speed is the speed ladder. It allows you to increase speed and agility by changing the position of the ladder. You will learn how to efficiently work your linear and lateral movements that will hone your skill of changing direction in a pinch.

Back Squat

If you’re going to do one exercise routine to help you in bettering your football skills, this is the one you should do. This exercise works the entire body and helps to build upper body strength.


Another vital football exercise is the deadlift. You’re going to build your overall strength deadlifting and if your deadlift is getting stronger, you’re going to be performing even better.

Know Your Plays

This might be a bit obvious, but it is always important to ask yourself how well you know your plays. There’s nothing more dangerous to a team than having a player who is unsure of his plays. Go over some of your more commonly used plays and ask him to clue you in on any details you may be unsure of. Know them well and you’ll perform them well!


Having a lot of stamina is a big part of the game. You’re going to be running, tackling, throwing and dodging the entire game and you’ve got to be able to keep your body moving at all times. This is where stamina comes in. One of the best and most overlooked stamina building workouts is jumping rope. This will keep your body ready for a long session of football and make sure that you don’t fall victim to fatigue.


A lot of players don’t think about this when they consider training. A bit part of your performance is your attitude and it can make or break you. Make sure that you play some music that pumps you up before you go out on the field. Keep a winning mindset and your body will follow.

Know Your Enemy

If you’re always one step ahead of your opponent, there’s no way that they’ll ever win. That’s why it’s important to know their go-to plays and players and find their weaknesses. This can be done by watching recorded games from them or even attending their games. You will learn a lot this way, and you will be able to break down their strategies leaving you one step ahead of them.

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