Are the Kansas City Chiefs Good or was it a Fluke?

The NFL and the Kansas City Chiefs are one of many reasons to check out Comcast’s cable TV deals.  One of the biggest surprises in the NFL was the Kansas City Chiefs and how well they did this past season. They only lost two games, once to the Denver Broncos and once to the San Diego Chargers. Both games would have been a big challenge for any team.

With the offseason going on, that means reviewing the team and their strengths and weaknesses.  Reid understands the offense must step up with their play because the responsibility of winning games cannot remain solely on the shoulders of his defense. At some point, Chiefs’ Alex Smith must show that he can win a game with arm, rather than being a system quarterback.

The defense must improve on stopping the run, but they were one of the best (third in the league) in defending the pass. That’s impressive in a league where defense has become a four-letter word. The Chiefs cornerbacks must get physical with receivers at the line of scrimmage to disrupt the timing of their pass routes, but the front seven must create some semblance of a pass rush to rattle quarterbacks in the pocket.

The Chiefs were getting tired of hearing how easy their schedule was this past season, as there aren’t many easy opponents in the NFL. Each franchise has enough players on the roster to make the necessary plays to win a football game.

Let’s face it, no NFL insider thought the Chiefs would win that many games let alone be the last undefeated team of the season. This has to be one of the greatest single-season turnarounds in the history of the league. Yes, the margin of victory wasn’t convincing, but this unexpected success has put a smile on all involved in this rebuilding process.

Reid has brought 30 new faces onto the roster and implemented an entire new scheme at all three faucets (offensive, defensive and special teams) of the game. Add a new quarterback and having the youngest offensive line to protect him. Last season shouldn’t have been anything more than a work in progress.

Next season will be interesting to find out if the last season was a fluke or if the Chiefs are a force to be reckoned with.


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