Easy Ways To Workout At Home

Late night television and exercise don’t traditionally go together. And yet, this is often where you’ll see advertisements for machines that can be delivered via mail order, all for 4 easy payments of $29.95, guaranteed to give you rock hard abs in just 3 weeks! These devices are often demonstrated by B list celebrities, with perfectly coiffed hair and gleaming white teeth, which is not a look that speaks of effective exercise. A major selling point of these devices is the fact that they can be folded up for easy storage and stored in a closet or under a bed, where they will quickly be forgotten and covered in a layer of dust.

You don’t need expensive, often impractical exercise machines to have a comprehensive workout at home, since there are many pieces of simple exercise equipment that will get the job done.

Dumbbells/Free Weights

A dumbbell or free weight is an essential part of any home gym. They allow you to tone your upper body and develop impressive core strength. Don’t over commit yourself and automatically go for the heavier weight, as this might be too much for your muscles (at the start, anyway). 5Ibs is a good starting point, but you will quickly outgrow this weight, which is why it’s important to use adjustable weights, rather than dumbbells that don’t allow you to add more weight as needed.


A kettlebell is a globe shaped weight with a handle, which is slightly more difficult to handle than a dumbbell, meaning that your whole arm, back and shoulders are used to lift, giving you more of an all over workout than simple weightlifting. The kettlebell was developed in Russia in the 1700’s, and yet is still used in gyms and home gyms today.

Suspension Training

A good suspension training system can be a sizable investment, but there are also a number of basic models that are perfect for a wide variety of fitness levels. Suspension training devices for the home are those machines that hook over the top of a door and use ropes, working against your own body weight. These are not for absolute beginners, since a reasonable level of core strength is needed before you can use these systems effectively.

Exercise Ball

Also known as a Swiss Ball, these heavy-duty inflatable balls are inexpensive and yet highly efficient for a variety of exercises. They’re most popular for assisted sit-ups, since the art of balancing on these balls employs far more muscles than just your abs.

Exercise DVD’s

The idea of exercising to a DVD or video now seems almost retro, conjuring up visions of 80’s sweatbands and music. But it’s also a great way to do cardio, although the enthusiasm of the trainer might not be as powerful when you can easily turn the TV off.

We don’t always have the time or the inclination to get to the gym for a workout, but with a few pieces of simple equipment, it’s easy to get the necessary exercise within the comfort of your own home. And of course, it’s great to feel a bit superior watching those late night exercise advertisements after you’ve already done your workout that day…

Today’s guest post by Ashley Williamson. Ashley is a part-time guest blogger currently writing on behalf of Health Ambition where you can find great content of articles from health to diets and workouts. When she is not working she likes to travel and discover hidden places around the World.


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