Getting Girls Into Sport

The majority of young boys love nothing more than a good run around, kicking a ball whenever they can – or if one isn’t available they’re dribbling a can or stone along the street – and that passion for sport seems to stay with them as they grow up. However, the story is often somewhat different for young girls who, while they show an interest in sport at a young age, tend to give it up as they reach teenage years.

But why is this? It’s too easy, and often incorrect, to say that girls become more interested in fashion or their education to play sport. In actual fact most girls give up sports at such a young age because they just don’t enjoy it. This could be down to a number of different factors, such as it simply being a sport they don’t like, a lack of development, maybe poor coaching, the team losing all the time causing them to lose their motivation, or maybe it’s a financial issue, with transport and kit costing often sizeable sums of money that families just don’t have any more.

However, it was hoped – and it’s starting to be proved to be right – that the recent Olympics in London is getting girls back into sport, and encouraging them to try activities they might have steered away from in the past or never heard of before!

In the modern era, there are far more female sporting icons than ever before for young girls to look up to and aspire to become. You have the likes of Jessica Ennis in the heptathlon, Victoria Pendleton and Laura Trott in the track cycling, Jade Jones in Taekwondo and many, many other top female athletes. The previous generation never had such a group of stars to follow with only really Denise Lewis and Kelly Holmes setting their sports on fire.

The equipment is certainly one of the biggest problems though. While many sports require very little, others require sizable investments. You couldn’t get into cycling for instance without a bike and all of the safety equipment, while to become a top sprinter you just need some shoes and some space.

Girls football is becoming one of the most popular sports in the UK in particular, and this was helped by Team GB performing particularly well in the Olympics and more funds being piled into the girls’ sport. The Women’s Super League is also developing each year with increasingly talented women now involved in football – and from a young age too, you only have to see the business that sites such as the soccer store are doing with female customers to see how many more girls and women are interested.

Women’s cricket is another on the rise in the UK, with the England team currently ranked number one in the world despite their recent failure to retain the World Cup in India.

The girls are given much more of a chance to play at school and in girls’ teams than ever before, and hopefully participation across the sporting world will continue to rise in the coming years.


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