Here Are Some Ideas for Becoming a Golfing Guru

Here Are Some Ideas for Becoming a Golfing Guru

Improve your golf swingGolfing can sometimes be a frustrating game. It seems like there are thousands of different ideas out there about how to improve you game, and it unfortunately seems like many of them offer conflicting advice. Trying to take in all the improvement tips out there at once will overwhelm the best of golfers, leaving their games in shambles. Luckily, there is one area of the golf experience that a golfer can focus on to dramatically improve nearly every facet of their game. That one simple area is the swing.

Improving the swing is the best way for a player to shave strokes off their rounds. Other than putting, improving your golf swing will instantly improve every area of your golf game. No matter if you are driving or trying to pitch a ball onto the green, improving your swing will help matters. Follow these tips to quickly improve the way you swing the golf club.

Keep Your Lead Arm Straight

One of the most common ways that golfers make poor swings is by bending their arms. Doing so is one of the most frequent ways golfers shank their balls. Unfortunately, it is not always easy for golfers to tell if they are keeping their arm straight when they are swinging. Luckily, there are some simple clues that will let a golfer know they are bending their arm.

If the ball is hit weakly to the right by a right-handed golfer, that is almost always a sure sign that the arm was bent during the shot. Another way to check for a bent arm is to examine your divots. If you are making deep divots or hitting behind the ball, the chances are that you are bending your lead arm.

Use a Mirror

Golfers are always looking for discount golf supplies. One of the best discount golf tools imaginable is a simple mirror. By simply practicing your swing in front of a mirror, you can look to see if your body is moving in the proper positions throughout the swing. Look for a straight lead arm, a straight back, square shoulders and well-pivoting hips. Practicing your swing daily in front of a mirror will lead to a rapid improvement in your swing and your game.

Have Fun

When you improve your swing, it is amazing how much fun the game of golf is. The process improves your game so quickly that it will inspire you to work harder and improve even more.

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