If You’re a True Knife Collector, Then You Know About These

Why do people collect knives? Why do people collect anything? Because the possessions bring them joy. Knives have been around since the beginning of civilization, and they’ve always been an important part of our heritage. Now they are considered by many to be treasured collectibles.

None are more treasured than those made by Chris Reeve. For over 30 years, these knives have been made and improved on, first by Chris himself, from his garage in South Africa. His company has now expanded to become an international business based in Boise, Idaho.

When you decide to become a knife collector, for whatever reason, you’ll find yourself surrounded by countless options. Many times it’s just up to your background. Some people, for instance, will continue on where their grandfather or father has left off. Others hunt or fish and will collect knives based on this. Many general knife collectors like to have a range of knives, a little bit of everything.

As a knife collector, the number one thing you do want to look for are new knives with the potential for future profit. As you go, you’ll also discover the wonderful world of second-hand knives, and all they have to offer. There really are no set rules, but if you are a serious collector, know your market.

You certainly can’t go wrong with Chris Reeve knives. From simple beginnings to a successful worldwide reputation, Chris Reeve and his company only manufacture quality, functional knives. What makes Chris Reeve knives so collectible, and what sets them apart from all others, is the company’s dedication to performance and quality. This, coupled with the tremendous value you receive for your money, make these knives second-to-none.

Chris Reeve knives are working tool masterpieces of fine precision. Supremely strong with lasting durability, you will find many uses for all of these knives. These knives come as fixed-blade, kitchen, and folding knives. All Chris Reeve knives have been tested extensively, and their unique designs made of top quality steel will surely become some of your premier collectible pieces.

The Chris Reeve Series include:

  • Green Beret – a hardworking, get-things-done tool.

  • Inkosi – a folding knife modeled after the Sebenza, with its own refined look.

  • Limited Available Sebenza’s – these are custom made in small quantities and are very limited in their availability.

  • Mnandi – One of the highest quality knives for the discerning gentleman.

  • Nyala – here is your classic hunting knife with its own leather sheath.

  • Pacific – quite the effective weapon, honoring the tradition of the elite military.

  • Professional Soldier – this is a frame-style knife, which can be used as a neck knife.

  • Sebenza – the quintessential Chris Reeve folding knife.

  • Sikayo – handmade in Idaho, perfect for your kitchen.

  • Ti-Lock – a lightweight pocketknife, brimming with innovations.

  • Umnumzaan – a unique folding knife with beautiful design features.

Collecting knives doesn’t get any better than being a Chris Reeve collector. He has always been one to ‘push the envelope’ in terms of quality and innovation, so you know you’re receiving the absolute best for your investment.


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