Indoor Skydiving Manchester – Alternative Option for Client Entertainment

Client and staff entertainment takes many forms. One such form, relatively recent to the United Kingdom, is the concept (and indeed the practice) of indoor skydiving. The activity, which is also considered by some practitioners to be a sport (which they call body flight), essentially involves using the power of an upturned wind tunnel to support the human body, as though it were either skydiving or flying.

The technology used is virtually indistinguishable from that found in a wind tunnel. The only difference noted is that the tunnel is in this case turned on its end. The turbine is set into the floor and blows upward through a vertical shaft. Participants step out into the shaft and are able to float, or even to fly around using their body angle to change direction.

There are some safety considerations to take into account, though in general, companies providing skydiving in Manchester experiences state that the activity can be done by anyone of any age. Skydiving experiences can be taken in several locations across the UK by anyone who wishes to take it. Operators advise that people who have had previous shoulder injuries must provide a doctor’s certificate allowing them to take part in the event.

The reasons for the two safety caveats are clear enough. The force of the updraft is enough to hold up most people, but persons whose weight range is in the plus 18 stone category are in some small danger of falling down the shaft. This is because there is a theoretical upper weight limit of 18 stone in case of this sort of skydiving. People whose shoulders have been injured prior to the event, or that injury has been sustained sometime earlier, resulting in weakened muscles and ligaments around the joint must stay away from trying this. The area that can particularly be affected is the rotator cuff, which is most versatile yet the weakest part of the human body.

Once injury sustained in this area, would ensure that the muscles never fully heal, or at least they do not heal in the way that other muscles do. A damaged shoulder ligament will heal with a slight stretch in it, which means it no longer sits as it once did, and this makes the danger of future damage much greater. The force of the updraft against out flung arms can create a pressure on the rotating joint and the muscles surrounding it, which the damaged ligament is unable to cope with.

Indoor skydiving Manchester has been used by corporate clients to provide a different entertainment for clients. After all, client entertaining is about creating something memorable for the attendee and also to create a new way of breaking down conferences and sales meetings, particularly those held over a couple of days. In some centres, accommodation packages may be provided (normally in conjunction with a nearby hotel) and catering packages are also commonly arranged for corporate users.

This sort of skydiving is obviously not only open to the corporate world, but in areas where centres exist, a number of regular public customers engage in the sport of body flight. In order to practise this sport, a person must first undergo instruction and training, before he or she is qualified to “fly” on his or her own.


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