Necessary Skills to Have for Becoming a Good Batsman

Watching a batsman playing in full flow is one of the beautiful sights that a spectator can ever get to watch on a cricket field. The top bowlers of the world have also admitted that it is simply overwhelming when a batsman keeps hitting them beautifully. If it is beautiful to the bowlers, it is not a surprise that we as spectators will get mesmerized by it. Batting certainly is not an easy thing to do under any circumstance. A budding batsman has to follow many tips from his coach in order to transform himself into a compact player. Following those tips will always help a batsman in performing well in a match. A batsman needs to make sure that all those batting tips are implemented properly. Correct implementation of the tips will enhance his batting abilities. It is in test matches that a batsman gets his skills tested the most as it becomes essential for him to occupy the crease for long hours.

Useful Batting Tips

  • Proper Footwork– It is essential for a batsman to have good footwork. It is the most important part of batting. A good footwork will enable a batsman to play all kinds of shots and will also help him in defending properly. Cricket in modern times require batsmen to score quickly even in test matches. The technical aspects are not given that much of importance these days. However, in these days too we have certain players who are known for having great footwork. It helps them to score freely in any format of the game. The most remarkable benefit of having perfect footwork is that it allows a batsman to develop proper timing. It helps a batsman to play the shots into the gaps on a consistent basis. Perfect footwork enables a batsman to meet the ball at the right time and hit it with the right amount of power.
  • Right Grip A batsman must have the right grip in order to be able to play his strokes in a proper manner. Holding the handle of the bat with both the hands correctly is important for a batsman. Proper grip will make sure that the batsman has the right amount of power behind the shots. The ideal grip on the bat is the one that is neither too loose nor too tight. A good grip will allow you to bat with a lot of flair and flamboyance. You need to learn from your coach about getting the right grip. It is also not advisable to change your grip on a frequent basis. If you are failing to score runs on a consistent basis, it is necessary for you to pay attention to the fact whether you have the proper grip or not.

Mentioned above are two important batting tips that you need to keep in mind in order to polish your batting skills. There are certain other things to that you need to take care of for becoming a good batsman.

Description: it is necessary to have a good footwork and grip for becoming a proper batsman. These two things will help you a lot in scoring runs on a consistent basis.

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