Popular casinos in the world

Popular casinos in the world

Everyone likes to do different things on their holidays, be it just relaxing on a beach or going snowboarding on fresh powder. Another type of holiday that is very popular is the gamblers holiday where they travel to a casino resort and play games and relax for the duration of their stay, some come back with more than they left with but most come back with a little less. But even for people who like these kinds of holidays there are different types of places to go to. So what makes them different from each other and why would you go there instead of just playing from your own home online in LuckyNugget online casino ?

Casino Places

If you think of gambling then you think of Las Vegas straight away, the bright lights that span the long road where all the casinos and hotels reside is world famous and gets millions of visitors every year. It is a place where you can walk down the road and see a pyramid as well as the Eiffel Tower and not even bat an eyelid. There are many famous casinos there too with places such as the MGM and the Bellagio all of which have been in many of the heist films such as Ocean’s Eleven. For many people this place is great because of the massive atmosphere and excitement, but for others this is too much.

For the people who find Las Vegas a little too much Monaco might be more their speed, it is a place owned by the rich and famous and so everything about the place feels special luxurious. Being on the south of France there is great weather in Monaco for the majority of the year meaning that sitting on the harbour side in the sun is fantastic. But for gamblers this is not enough, well there are many of the greatest casinos in the world there too for example the Casino de Monte-Carlo is a place that contains everything that a gambler could ever ask for.


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