Redefine Your Game Room with the Inclusion of Billiards

Redefine Your Game Room with the Inclusion of Billiards


You have an empty space in your home and you have no idea what to make of it. Is it an empty cellar that you want to make use of? Is it a dusty attic that you want livened up? One great way to make use of it is to transform that space into a recreation room, and what better way to start than making your pool table the focal point of it all?

The history of the pool table

The billiards table, also known as the pool table, has a long and rich history. It started out with a lawn game called croquet. When players decided to move this game indoors, they created the pool table, complete with a green cloth to closely simulate the grass. Rather than striking the ball as with croquet, the ball was now shoved, and hence the billiard game was created. The term “billiard” is French in origin, which could either mean “billart” for wooden sticks, or “bille” for ball.

Why choose pool?

Pool is a game that practically anyone can play, whether they know it or not. Competitions can be started among friends for fun, or it can be played with a prize at stake. If you’re thinking of having a television installed in your game room and that would be it, go ahead. But, if you want a great and classic way of entertaining your guests at home, then pool tables are best.

Make it the focal point

You can actually save when you use pool tables as a focal point because other than that, you’d need little furniture elsewhere. Having a pool table strategically placed in your cellar or attic would take everyone’s attention directly to it.

Before you begin to lug your pool table into your recreational space, you have to start measuring first. How big a pool table will your space be able to fit? Will it take up too much space that you can’t move around any longer?

On the other hand, if you have plenty of space, you should start measuring anyway because it will then help you decide just where to put your pool table. Should it be in a corner, or in the centre of the room? What else will your rec space hold? Will it house an entertainment centre, a bar, or maybe even a home gym?

Decorate around your pool table

In decorating, once you have a focal point, it will be easier to decorate everything else in the room. If all you have is a pool table, then keep the designs minimal on the floor or minimal on the wall. Choose a burst of color and have your room well lit. There won’t be any need for sofas, because you’ll be standing when you’re playing an exciting game of pool.  It’s up to you as long as the focal point is highlighted. Highlighting your focal point in the right way will help turn everyone’s attention to the pool table. Once they enter the room, the games can begin.

Danny Lee is a sports fanatic and avid freelance writer. He loves playing games time and again on his pool tables at home. He even hosts pool competitions with friends. His love for the sport caused him to write for several pool and billiard blogs. 


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