Ride to Enjoy

Ride to Enjoy

Physical and mental health are very important with all of the stresses and anxieties that you face on a daily basis.  When asked why they participate in the sport of mountain biking, most bikers say that it’s fun, but they don’t mention the additional benefits that they are gaining from the activity.  Mountain biking gets you away from the hustle and bustle of the city and helps to alleviate your stress and anxiety levels.  You increase your stamina and endurance which you can easily apply to your daily tasks and challenges.  In order for your interest to last, you must have the right equipment that will perform and protect you as you travel the trails of adventure.


First Make a Plan

Before you buy a mountain bike, you should have a budget in place and a plan of action about how you are going to find your perfect bike. Shop within your budget as you visit local shops and tell the sales staff up front what your limitations are.  In order to establish a good working relationship that leads to quality repair and maintenance, you should support your local bike shop when you make your purchase.  They can help you to determine the type of riding that you’ll be doing and the terrain that appeals to you; buying a bike that can meet and exceed your biking expectations is paramount to the fun that you’ll experience.

Be a Smart Shopper

Prices are higher in the prime spring and summer riding seasons so keep this in mind when trying to stick to your budget.  In the fall and winter, you’ll find lower prices and last year’s models that can save you a considerable amount of money.  Some bike shops will offer you discounts and specials if you buy your bike from them so look for these deals as well. Locate a reputable dealer that wants to sell you the right bike for your needs and not simply the most expensive bike in his rack.  Search for a bike shop with a professional staff that is helpful, courteous, and knowledgeable about their inventory and what suits your needs the best.  You should try to test-ride as many bikes in your price range and ability level as possible so that you can get a feel for what you like the best.

The Benefits You’ll See

Mountain biking will provide you with a plethora of benefits that improve your health and well-being.  Studies show that riding a mountain bike reduces your chances of stroke and heart attack and addresses effectively any weight issues that you might have.  You will lessen the stress and anxiety levels that you are experiencing and your mood and self-confidence will improve dramatically.  You’ll meet new friends along the trails and share stories and experiences with other mountain bikers who enjoy comparing equipment and discussing new models and accessories.  You can also support community efforts to raise money for charity events.

Travelling the trails opens up a new world to you; just make sure that your equipment will perform to your expectations and your protective gear is adequate.  Deal with a local shop that can provide you with excellent service and maintenance for your bike by well-trained professionals.  The adventure is there for the taking so get out there and ride to enjoy!

Suzi McKee is a US-based writer providing information about Giant mountain bikes and other sporting gear and accessories. She writes on a freelance basis for several large blogs.


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