Simple Ways To Stay Active At Home During Self-Isolation

Simple Ways To Stay Active At Home During Self-Isolation

Working out at home during the coronavirus pandemic can be really simple. However, it is important that you only trust advice coming from true healthcare professionals. Look for programs that can be trusted, like on so that you can do things that you know will actually work. Also, you can start with the simple ways to stay active mentioned below as they are great for anyone looking for some workout time at home.

Stretch In The Morning

If you have just 5 minutes available in the morning or even 20, try that the very first thing you do is a stretching routine. This will work your muscles and joints while also having positive mental effects. Just look online for some stretching videos on YouTube. You can find countless great stretching routines these days. As an extra tip, if you have soreness in a body part, look for stretching exercises for it.

Make It A Habit To Move Around Every Hour

You need to move more if you stay in self-isolation. It is so easy to just stay on the couch or on the chair for long periods of time. Fortunately, technology can offer a reminder you need to make some good choices. You can use fitness trackers and smartwatches. They all have features to remind you to get up and work out. Set them to do this every hour. The goal is to get up and move a little. You can stretch, go to the fridge to get a drink or simply look out your window for 5 minutes. Just keep moving.

Play With Your Pets

If you have pets, remember that they also feel the results of self-isolation. You most likely walk them less than you used to and you might end up neglecting them because of it. Cats need you to play with them and your dogs need to be walked. The other pets also need some attention. Make it a habit to spend time with pets. You will surely love it and they will love it too. You might end up with some extra energy that you could use afterward for other activities.


It is surprising to see how many do not consider dancing as a way to stay fit while in self-isolation. All you need to do is to get up and just dance to your favorite tracks. Get a playlist running from Spotify or from any other channel you might be using. You will burn calories, get fitter and have a lot of fun at the same time.

Start Doing Some Yoga

You cannot go to a yoga class but you can do a lot of yoga at home. There are live online classes that you can join and even pre-recorded sessions you will surely appreciate. Choose the classes that are recommended by good yoga practitioners so you can focus both on the physical side of yoga and the mental side. Just make sure that you take it slow so that you can master the moves.


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