Top 5 Footballing Injuries

A game of football will always involve the players getting a few bruises, scratches or even sprains. Some of these injuries can be pure accidents while others are done on purpose. Some of the most affected parts include the ankle, groin, foot and the knee. Also, compared to a number of other sports such as hockey, boxing and rugby, football players encounter more injuries.
Outlined are the five most gruesome and horrific injuries incurred during football matches. Although some of the players have fully recovered from their injuries, others have not been lucky. Among these grisly accidents, some have resulted to permanent damage while others have led to the end of football careers.
5. Henrik Larsson, Celtic
By getting his studs caught in the turf by accident, Henrik turf suffered two dreadful leg injuries. This made him to spend more than a year away from football. This was during a match against Serge Blanc in France in 1999 October 22nd.
4. Alan Smith, Manchester United
While trying to keep a free kick from getting to the goal, Allan smith dislocated his ankle and broke his leg. His left ankle was twisted after he attempted to block the kick from Jon Arne Riise. According to Manchester United manager Alex Ferguson, the injury was the most horrific he had witnessed in the game. Due to the foot injuries, Alan smith, was unable to play during the 2005 FA Cup Game or the Carling Cup. The accident was during an FA cup game in 2006 February in Anifield against Liverpool.
3. Djibril Cisse, Liverpool 
In a match against Blackburn Rovers, Djibril Cisse unfortunately got his leg stuck in the turf. As a result, he got his leg broken twice. This was when trying to get the ball from Jay McEveley. He had played 19 games while with the team when his leg horrifyingly snapped. This was in 2004, October 30th. Luckily for him, quick response and remedy of his badly damaged tibia and fibula made a huge contribution to his recovery and comeback to football.
2. Kieron Dyer, West Ham
Dyer had his leg dreadfully broken during his second match after transferring to west ham football club. Kieron Dyer had his right leg broken not in one but in two spots while tackling the ball with Joe Jacobson. This was a game against the Bristol Rovers for the league cup. After staying away from football for about two years, Dyer also had to go through rehabilitation for six weeks before training again.
1. David Busst, Coventry
This was probably the most horrific, gruesome and tragic injuries to ever occur during football. The shocking and traumatizing injury had Peter shmeichel, the goal keeper for Manchester United vomit and later attending counseling sessions. It also resulted in an immediate halt of the game to allow for blood cleaning in the field. While playing against Manchester United in 1996 April 8th, had his right leg’s tibia and fibula severely fractured. This was after an accidental collision with two of the opposing team’s players. Despite going through more than twenty five surgeries and almost having his leg amputated, David Busst retired later the same year.

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