Why The Cardinals Should Take Geno Smith

Why The Cardinals Should Take Geno Smith

The Arizona Cardinals are a pretty terrible team right now and have not really signed any new play makers this off season and that is really going to hurt them and the new coach. They have Larry Fitzgerald who is the second best receiver the NFL has to offer only second to someone who I truly believe is a robot. So now they need to focus on getting the ball their man number eleven down the field. They tried 4 quarterbacks last season and they all failed terribly. They did the smart thing and released Kevin Kolb but they did the stupid thing and have not signed anyone else to the team. So Geno Smith is the next best QB that they have available. He is a good pocket passer and also has the legs you would want in a QB to get away from pressure. Which was a huge problem with the Cardinals last season, leading the league in sacks allowed the Cardinals easily have the worst Offensive line in the game.

Now there is a chance that Geno will get taken before the Cardinals get a chance to take a look at him and draft him. So the next quarterback that they could draft would be Matt Barkley. This is a terrible idea, he is not healthy, struggled a lot his senior year and is not worth spending the 7th overall pick on. If your worried about him then move on to the second round and see if he is still available. If he gets taken at number 8 by Buffalo then you really dont have anything to worry about because they have terrible taste in Quarterback. Hence why they signed a backup to $60 million dollars and then release him a season after that huge contract. Its not smart for the the Cardinals to be looking at taking the USC Quarterback that early. Plus I would love to see the New York Jets take a chance on him because I think the reaction that New York Jet fans would be entertainment on its own.

Geno Smith might be worth a small effort to move up in the draft to pick him up. He is not worth the amount that Washington traded to get RGIII but if it would cost a couple of lower picks I think it would be worth the gamble and it would make the fans happy and they would be able to sell some jerseys and other fan appearl. It really is a win-win situation for the Arizona Cardinals. But only time will tell. If you want to learn more about sports blog and football visit the daily pencil at http://www.dailypencil.comGeno Smith


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